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A long-distance relationship LDR or long-distance romantic relationship LDRR is an intimate relationship what is considered long distance dating partners who are geographically separated from one another. Partners in LDRs face geographic separation and lack of face-to-face contact. LDRs are qualitatively different from geographically close relationships; that is, relationships in which the partners are able to see each other, face-to-face, most days. According to Rohlfing he suggests the following unique challenges for those in long-distance relationships:. Not all long-distance relationships are romantic.

Sign up or log in to share. I wouldn't consider that long distance at all personally. I also live in New Jersey, and a woman I was recently communicating with and attempting to date claimed that with her now living in Philadelphia, that it was too far a distance for things to work out which made my eyebrows go askew since it's only an hour away from me, but I digress. It just means that the concept of "distance" is viewed differently by everyone, I suppose. It depends on the person's threshold. The basic idea is if the distance keeps you away for long periods of time, weeks or months, then that's when it becomes long distance. Some fuss if you can't see them every day, others can what is considered long distance dating a month between visits before long distance starts to register.

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So, what qualifies as a long-distance relationship? According to the survey respondents, living at least miles away from each other is the official qualifying factor. The first few months of a long-distance relationship may be an optimistic time, but the study pinpointed the four-month mark as being the hardest part of the relationship. But distance to considered data, if your long-distance relationship can survive the eight-month milestone, it gets a long easier. Being in a long-distance relationship means having to communicate with your partner electronically a lot more than usual. According to the results, the average long-distance couple will send each other texts every distance and spend eight hours what is considered long distance dating week talking on the phone or video chatting.

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We all love what is considered long distance dating. Love can tear us down like nothing else in the world, but we still blindly chase after it without any rational thought. So what happens when love becomes intolerable? I want to share my reasoning for living 2, miles away from the person I love most, how it feels and most importantly, why I do it.
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