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Sign up or log in to share. I think the real question is what kind of girl works at Dating a girl that works at hooters and why? Beileve, i'm with you. I think there are better places for a girl to work. The video kind of goes over the same stuff. But the point is the same. You can't know why a person does something until you hear it from them. Here is a fun challenge.

I can't really answer the second part, but as for the age gap - my boyfriend is 7 years older than me. I was 19 when we got together and I'm 22 now, and it's almost never a problem. Dating a girl that works at hooters only really comes up in conversation if he's talking about childhood memories - I tease him about music and stuff being "before my time! Seven years normally isn't a big deal, however, if you are an immature eighteen and the other person is a mature twenty-five, there is the possibility of things not working out because of it. It really just depends upon the maturity level of both parties.

This week, a pair of small studies about women who work in restaurants like Hooters made the rounds in the media. The researchers who conducted the studies suggested that women who work in these so-called "breastaurants" suffer from dating a girl that works at hooters like depression, body image issues, and job dissatisfaction as a result of the sexual objectification that they're exposed to at work. To get some color on what it's really like to wear those Hooters girl booty shorts, Cosmopolitan. Courtney Dietz, 21, has worked at Hooters for almost four years, most recently in the role of corporate trainer.
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Hooters is a restaurant franchise with more than locations in the US and in 27 countries globally. The standard uniform of a Hooters Girl involves a pair of tiny orange shorts and a low-cut tank top, a look which encourages the Hooters Girl to trade on her sex appeal more so than her fully-clad counterparts in other large, sit-down chain restaurants. To work at Hooters, you have to be at least 18 and physically fit. Either way, if you get an interview, act fun and upbeat, since Hooter girls are expected to create a cheerful environment for their customers. For tips on how to answer interview questions about your previous job experiences, scroll down! This article was co-authored by our dating a girl that works at hooters team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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